The Lawrence Community Nursery School, the second oldest cooperative preschool in the nation, was established April 17, 1948, by parents who wanted to provide low-cost, cooperative, racially integrated day care. Early financial support for the school was provided by the Lawrence League for the Practice of Democracy and the Oread Society of Friends. Today, member fees and several fundraising efforts, including the annual Spring Music Fest, finance the school.


For our first six years, LCNS met in various church basements. In 1956, members had raised enough funds to purchase a building at 645 Alabama, where the red building is now a familiar fixture in the neighborhood.


Through the hard work and dedication of our members, LCNS has remained well equipped to meet the needs of children for 50 years. It is through these members that LCNS is dedicated to bringing a high standard of childcare to the community.


LCNS Featured on KTWU's Sunflower Journeys

This episode examines LCNS' history as one of the first racially integrated preschools in the nation.