Community at the Little Red School House


Founded in 1948 by a coalition of parents striving to provide cooperative, interracial, low cost preschool education, the Lawrence Community Nursery School is one of the oldest cooperative preschools in the United States. LCNS is "The Little Red School House" located in Old West Lawrence, the Heart of Lawrence, Kansas.


Choosing LCNS as your child's preschool means embracing the opportunity to become involved in your child's education. At LCNS, all parents share in the planning and implementation of the programs and the work necessary to make the school run efficiently. You will share the responsibility and satisfaction of planning and working to create an enriching and happy environment in which your child will learn and grow. LCNS accepts children that are at least 2 1/2 years old and potty trained.

The reasons for joining our co-op are many and varied:

In teaching the children, we emphasize five major areas: social development, creativity, language, knowledge of the world around us, and large and small motor development. The children learn through a variety of experiences and activities. We emphasize creative and social skills because these qualities are integral to the development of two- to six-year-old children.


Please, take a look around, stop by, or even give us a call. We'd love to show you around!